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   My name is Doobie Duke Sims and I've always loved to thrift. I spent a decade on tour with my band Shinobi Ninja going from town to town and I would always stop at the local thrift store to see what they had. I got addicted to looking through the racks and finding that amazing hidden treasure. And then...



   When my daughter was born in 2018 I took a break from the road and started looking for what was next. I answered a craigslist ad for a print shop and went to see the space. It had a silk screen set up which I knew nothing about but I was very intrigued. I was already making merch for the band and have always been an artist so I jumped right in and started teaching myself how to print from Youtube videos. It took me a couple of years before I had the idea of Snow Milk which is milk made from snow… or water…. or purity… the use of imagination. To create something from nothing. I began to make clothing from my own designs and haven't stopped since.



   Much of the clothing is upcycled which is the process of transforming materials destined to be destroyed into new products of higher value and environmental purpose. Reusing waste without destroying it takes far less energy than breaking it down to be remade into something new. Creating while also saving the earth. I hand make everything myself in the same studio that I first stepped foot in. Each piece is individually numbered wearable art slow cooked to perfection in my hometown, Brooklyn NY. Spreading love is the Brooklyn way and now you can wear that love with Snow Milk.


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